Optimism in the air


The renaissance of the internet is already here. One does not need to look hard to realize how many things are spinning up daily, from DAOs1, NFTs2, Coins, Collections, Games, Startups, Communities, you name it.

Never before could anybody have been able to join, invest, experience, contribute to as many undertakings as now.

Still, it is not the endless stream of creative projects and openness that strikes one the most; it is the abundance of optimism that seems to be at an all-time high. And without mentioning, we are still going through a pandemic.

It is a new era for the internet, and it is not all around finance. It is about ownership, decentralization, privacy, community, collaboration, autonomy, consensus, beauty, freedom, and much more.

The new internet feels like a party, filled with good spirits, encouragement, and camaraderie. People are sharing, remixing, cross-pollinating, and celebrating one another.

We seem to have uncovered a new abundance; of the kind that allows creators and communities to transparently build and collaborate in public while being recognized for the value created by their contributions.

People are sharing not because "sharing is caring" but because the more is shared, the more prosperous everyone becomes. There is no ceiling for creativity, collaboration, or friendship.

"Humanity has enough music; let's just stop recording."
- No one

Regardless of posture towards the Web3 movement, no one can deny that it is bubbling optimism from within, and perhaps that is what the world needs more. Optimist builders.