Optimism in the air

The renaissance of the internet is already here. Never before could anyone join, invest, contribute, build, or be part of as much innovation as now. From Communities to DAOs1, Coins to NFTs2, Blockchains to Protocols, Apps to Podcasts, Virtual Reality Spaces to – well, all sorts of Projects.

But, it is not the endless stream of creativity and openness that thrills me the most. It's the collective optimism at an all-time high – did I mention we are still going through a pandemic?

The new internet feels like a party. Full of good spirits and friendliness. People encourage, introduce and celebrate one another. It seems like we stumbled upon a new type of abundance. The kind that allows creators and communities to build and collaborate in public. Yet, people are sharing not because "sharing is caring" but because the more is shared, the more prosperous everyone becomes.

It is the beginning of a new age for the internet, and it is not all revolving around finance. It is about: ownership, decentralization, privacy, community, collaboration, consensus, art, and freedom.